Participa en nuestro torneo de Tenis

If you are a TENNIS enthusiast, CLUB CAMPESTRE DE CALI is the place for you with more than 30, old fashion | pristine CLAY tennis courts.

 We are planning to run a 2-day TENNIS Tournament, Tuesday April 9 & Wednesday April 10th, from 8am – 12:30 pm. Racquets can be rented on-site.

*Format will be decided later based on number of participants.

Cost will be $50 USD per person and includes: Court Fee, Raquet Rental, Balls, Ball-boys, Light lunch, and medals.

Please sign up using our WhatsApp channel.

** Tennis will not be limited to this tournament. As a participant of the bridge tournament, you are welcome to play any day you want. Just make sure you reserve a court.

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