Santiago de Cali or CALI is the capital of the department of Valle del Cauca and the most populated city in southwest Colombia, with almost 2,600,000 inhabitants.

The city spans 560.3 km2 (216.3 sq mi) with 120.9 km2 (46.7 sq mi) of urban area,[2] making Cali the second largest city in the country by area. and the third most populated after Bogotá and Medellín.

As the only major Colombian city with access to the Pacific coast, Cali is the main urban and economic center in the south of the country and has one of the fastest growing economies in Colombia.

The city is one of the main economic and industrial centers of Colombia, in addition to being the main urban, cultural, economic, industrial and agrarian center in the southwestern part of the country and the third nationally after Bogotá and Medellín. As a departmental capital, it houses the headquarters of the Government of Valle del Cauca, the Departmental Assembly, the Departmental Court, the Attorney General’s Office, state institutions and agencies, and is also the headquarters of official companies such as the municipal EMCALI.

It is one of the main sports centers in Colombia, highlighting the organization of important sporting events such as the 1971 Pan American Games, the 2013 World Games and the 2021 Youth Pan American Games. It is also known as «the world capital of salsa.» » and «the branch of heaven

5 places you slhould to vist in Cali

  1. Ermita Church

In the center of the city, you will find one of the most representative tourist attractions of Cali: the Ermita Church. Originally built in the 17th century, the Ermita Church is a mandatory destination for the most devout of the Catholic religion and for people who are fans of Gothic art. It is recommended to go in the evening because a set of lights turns on that makes the place look even more beautiful.

  1. The Cali Zoo

The Cali Zoo is another tourist attraction that should be on your list if you are visiting the Sky Branch, as Cali is popularly known. In addition to being the only zoo in this city, it preserves international and native species in comfortable and spacious environments for the animals.

3.- Monument to Christ the King

The Christ the King monument is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic tourist attractions in Cali. To get to it, you must ascend Cerro los Cristales, making it ideal for those who want a day of adventure and long walks. However, if you go with older people, you can take a taxi.

4.- The River Cat or the Tejada Cat

Sculpted by Colombian artist Hernando Tejada, the River Cat is a bronze sculpture that was donated to the city in 1996 and quickly became one of Cali’s most popular tourist attractions.

El Gato de Tejada is located next to the Cali river, in the El Peñón neighborhood. The reason why many people visit this work is because it is located in one of the best areas for walking in the city. How to get? It is located 9 minutes by taxi from Azor Hotels.

5.- La Tertulia Museum

Before leaving Cali, you must visit the La Tertulia Museum, a place full of art and culture that leaves everyone who visits it amazed. In addition to having an impressive collection of American and Colombian art, it houses the most important collection of works on paper in Colombia.

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